What is cryptocurrency? #money #digital

How exactly do we get inflight Wi-Fi?

How exactly do we get inflight Wi-Fi? #flights #internet

The latest updates from MWC 2018

The latest updates from MWC 2018!! #technology

iPads in the classroom – are there any downsides?

iPads in the classroom - are there any downsides?
http://bit.ly/2tUAFzO #technology #school

Quarter of parents allow under 13s on Facebook

Quarter of parents allow under 13s on @facebook πŸ“±πŸ’»

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Top tips and tricks for @netflix πŸ’»πŸ“Ί http://bit.ly/2sFHHba

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What exactly do IP ratings mean? http://bit.ly/2DneLIS #Blog

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Magic Leap to ship augmented reality glasses in 2018! 😎
http://bit.ly/2D8XShY #Blog

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Samsung Galaxy S9 rumours! πŸ“±
http://bit.ly/2D8Mrqs #Blog

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Could #mobile be Nintendo's new stomping ground?
http://bit.ly/2DaEdhk #Blog

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How to transfer your data to your #Xbox One X http://bit.ly/2BgRJ1Z #Blog #Microsoft

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Here’s a roundup of the best child-friendly #tablets, to help you pick the ideal choice for your #children http://bit.ly/2BWjqRw #Blog

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Must-have DSLR accessories for you budding photographers! πŸ“Έ
http://bit.ly/2BfBBOg #Blog

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Whether for a fitness fanatic, a style icon, or a gadget lover, a smartwatch can make for a great Christmas present. So, what smartwatches should you be adding to your bags? Here's a roundup of this year's best options:
http://bit.ly/2Aer1tJ #blog

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Want to be the master of #Google drive? Find out how to do so! πŸ’»
http://bit.ly/2zSLunT #efficiency

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Everything you need to know about #Youtube TV! πŸ“Ί
http://bit.ly/2mR6eqS #mobile

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The best #apps to #stream TV? Check out our list and tell us what you think! πŸ“±

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A roundup of the #best DAB #radios on the market!

Facebook has announced it is launching a new feature, called Watch, that looks set to take on TV and streaming services like YouTube and Netflix.

Read more here: https://www.gadget-cover.com/blog/facebook-launches-video-platform/


Top Instagram tools

To help your Instagram account stand out from the other 700 million monthly active users - check out some of these handy tools! https://www.gadget-cover.com/blog/top-instagram-tools/


Make life more efficient with these top Google Chrome Extensions

Love #GoogleChrome that little bit more with these ace #Chrome extensions.

#TechBlog #Bloggers

Android O – what we know so far

The majority of #Android users are still waiting to update to Android Nougat – in fact it is estimated that since its release in August last year, only 3% of all Android phones have upgraded to Nougat – but #Google has just unveiled Android O to developers.

The Gadget Cover Blog

Summer holiday coming up? You might want a look at this list of best #Waterproof #tech!

Microsoft ends support for Windows Phone

#Android and #iOS can rejoice as it seems likely that their dominance over the mobile market is set to increase, with #Windows announcing that it is ending support for Windows Phone 8.1.

The news comes over three years after the company first introduced the update.

Xbox One X – All you need to know about Microsoft's new console

Speculation has been rife for months about #Microsoft’s next console – what it would feature and when it would finally be released.


How to avoid monster roaming charges on holiday

We’ve probably all experienced this at least once in our lifetime: we get back from #holiday, all relaxed from our time away, only to come crashing back to reality when we see our phone bill...


Introducing a #smartphone you can squeeze!

Are you a fan?


Paw-fect tech for pets

#Tech isn't only enjoyed by humans... check out the best tech for #Pets over on the Gadget Cover #blog.

Where are the top spots for 4G signal in the UK?

Can you guess where the top spots for #4G signal in the #UK are located?

#Smartphones #Tech

Tech Tips and Tricks

Click our #blog to find out how to get the most from your #LG G6.

Want to start running? Here's the tech you'll need

Looking to work on your #fitness?

The following #tech could give you the motivation and the help you need to kick start your fitness programme.

The Gadget Cover UK Blog

#Easter already feels like it was weeks ago but, luckily for us, another Bank Holiday is just around the corner.

So here are our 'best free travel apps to explore the UK' this Bank Holiday.

How to Take the Perfect Spring Snaps

Spring is officially in full swing and the opportunity for taking fantastic #photos is here.

Our top tips will help you get the most from the bright days and evenings.

#Blog #Photography

Best apps for Easter

Check out our top #apps for #Easter & have an egg-cellent time! http://bit.ly/2oiYSth. #iOS #Android.

Latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 rumours

The #Samung Galaxy S3 Tab isn't far away and excitement is building.

What can you expect from this #Android tablet?

Apple iPad News & Rumours

What can we expect from the latest #iPad?

Our #tech #blog rounds up the rumours from around the web.

The Nokia 8 Smartphone

Are you excited for the #Nokia8?

We have all the latest rumours on our #technology #blog.

Best Action Cameras

Into extreme #sports? Here are some of the top extreme #cameras to catch the action.


Nokia 3310 Reboot

#Snake will be returning! Will you be returning to the #Nokia3310?

Maybe picking it up as a secondary handset?

Top 5 Best Wireless Speakers

While some of us might still reach for our vinyl or CD collection from time to time, the majority of us #stream music through our #smartphones, #laptops, #tablets or even our #iPods.

Best Headphones for Gym Bunnies

Love going to the #Gym?

The whole is experience is better with music, right?

Here our top #Headphones for the Gym.

Are Flexible Screens Really the Future?

#Tech is evolving at a rapid rate. Are flexible screens the next step in #Smartphones?

#Phones #Blog #TechBlogger

LG G6 News and Release Date

One #Smartphone is generating a lot of buzz and it is the #LG G6.

Why? Find out here!

http://bit.ly/2oEM288 #Tech #Blog

New VR Headsets on the way

When you think of #VR headsets, Google Cardboard, #Oculus Rift and #Samsung’s Gear VR might be the names that spring to mind.

More are on the way...

CES 2017: A.I. and the Rise of the Robots

#Robots have fascinated us for over a century, the idea of a mechanical being that can aide us in our everyday lives has sadly never amounted to much, until now.

5 of the Best Smartwatches

Getting into #wearable #tech?

We have picked our top 5 #smartwatches!

Do you own one on the list of do you use another brand? Let us know in the comments below.

Tech Crunch

The #iPhone 7 goes red to help fight HIV/AIDS. #Apple #Tech

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumours

Need a #tech rumour fix?

We have compiled the best rumours from around the net about the #Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

SpaceX to Fly Passengers On Private Trip Around the Moon in 2018

Would you take a trip around the #Moon? #SpaceX will be flying there in 2018, Elon Musk has announced.


Apple will not ditch the Lightning port on the next iPhone, top analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says

#Apple will not change the Lightning port on the next #iPhone a top analyst says.

Story via CNBC http://cnb.cx/2lCpXEN